Police at Martina Hingis' Residence Over Alleged Attack

Martina Hingis had called an early end to her tennis season recently. Her come-back to the tennis circuit as a doubles player had been less than an inspiration. It was an unmitigated disaster instead. And now the police were called to the residence of Martina Hingis and her estranged husband Thibault Hutin; according to the police report, they were called in by the latter.

Thibault Hutin and Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis and her husband Thibault Hutin had separated earlier this year in January according to a statement from Martina Hingis in July. The pair had married in December 2010 and rumour of problems had been ripe for months before that. Now the sleepy village of Feusisberg in the canton of Schwyz in Switzerland has become the latest stage of their estrangement. Feusisberg police is not used to being called out for disturbances. The village is best known as the retreat for super-rich captains of industry, heads of international banks, and other shady money bags saving on taxes.

The surprise of it all can be felt in the original press statement from the police. It states that Thibault Hutin called the police to the (still) shared residence over a disagreement that had progressed from verbal to physical. According to Thibault Hutin, Martina Hingis had attacked him together with her mother and trainer Melanie Molitor. He alleges that they had hit and scratched him; while he was trying to defend himself, Mario Widmer (the boy friend of Melanie Molitor) had hit him over the head with a DVD player.Martina Hingis' manager Mario Widmer called the story about the DVD player attack ridiculous; neither Melanie Molitor nor Martina Hingis made any public statements over the alleged attack. 

The so far last chapter in this unhappy marriage was in keeping with the sordid details known so far. Martina Hingis had stated in July that the estrangement was kinked to herself having been unfaithful to her husband. Thibault Hutin had added later that the estrangement had started at the beginning of their marriage. When Martina Hingis was in New York after their marriage in December 2010, he had flown in as a surprise for her. The surprise was a full success as she was not alone in her room when he arrived.

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